What Others Say!

The Australian eCommerce Guide was launched on 23 June 2014 so it’s pretty new.  We welcome your comments about the new Guide and will be happy to add your comments here.  Good or bad… Let us know what you think.



Here are some comments about Richard Keeves, the publisher of the Guide.

What Others Say About Richard Keeves


Richard Keeves

Richard Keeves

“Without Richard Keeves, StrideShoes website would just be another casualty of retailers and website developers failing to understand each other’s needs. Richard has empowered StrideShoes to enjoy a win win relationship with our web developer and I am loving it. Thank you Richard for your patience and guidance. We recommend you to any business taking the same journey.”
Simon Chadwick, Managing Director, StrideShoes

“If you want leading edge information about what’s happening in the online space, then Richard is the man you want working alongside you. Seeking Richards’s advice is a smart investment for your business.”
Graham Harvey, Director, ServiceIQ

“Finding someone like Richard was a god-send. Richard talked in a very real way about what was expected, and what was possible.”
Joe Mahon, Owner, Reids Bootmakers

“We are probably the only one of 278 dealers that has been able to ask intelligent questions. I’ve gone from being a bloke having an argument who does not know the question to ask – to knowing what I need.”
Tony Carter, former Dealer Principal, Shacks Holden

“eCommerce is here to stay and most businesses need to get better at it. Richard Keeves is my go-to person for frank and honest eCommerce advice. I have known Richard Keeves for over 25 years. He lives and breathes the web and eCommerce sector and is fully committed to lifting standards of professional behaviour in the industry.” 
John Clegg – Chair TECR 227 ( www.tec.com.au )


Smarter Digital RoadMaps for Retailers Pilot Program

In 2012-2013, Richard Keeves developed and facilitated a pilot program for retailers in Western Australia, called the “Smarter Digital RoadMaps for Retailers Pilot Program”.  This was run through the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of WA with funding from the WA State Government.

The  creation and launch of the Australian eCommerce Guide is a consequence of that pilot program, but it is expanded. The eCommerce Guide is not just for retailers, but wholesalers, manufacturers and service businesses as well. And it focuses on the B2B sector as well as B2C. It’s for everyone who wants to get smarter with eCommerce.  Here is a PDF with comments from some of the participants in the Coaching part of the pilot program.