What is the best shop URL address to use?

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Have you ever wondered if you are using the best URL for your shop website?  Here is a common question for businesses setting up a new eCommerce online store. Getting this right or wrong can make a huge difference to your results.

The Situation

A retail business with an existing website wants to add an online shop – and create a totally separate shop website. The business has a strong local brand in its niche, and will be offering ‘click and collect’ sales. The online shop will have a slightly different business name.

The Question

Is it better for the online shop to have a new domain name OR is it better to set up the shop under the existing domain name and use either a sub-domain or a sub-directory for the address of the online shop? Good SEO and being easily found in Google is important, so which is likely to work better for the business?

Ask the Experts

The Australian eCommerce Guide’s Richard Keeves put this question to the Expert Panel.  Here are their different answers. Please download this Ask The Experts PDF Guidesheet.  (opens in new window.)

November 27, 2014

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