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Do you understand how to list your business in Google?

Caz Bevan from US-based Boostability has produced “A Complete Guide to Google My Business”.  It’s a handy 20 page guide to help you understand the changes Google has made to how it manages business listings.

You can download “A Complete Guide to Google My Business” here.  (2Mb PDF).

Here is an extract from the Guide:
“Today, Google has combined the features of Google Places listings and Google+ Pages into one, fully-functional dashboard with all the same capabilities and features. For businesses that previously had these two separate pages, your business information has been combined for you automatically by the Google My Business upgrade.

Now that Google has simplified signup, categorizing page types into three easily-understood terms – Storefront, Service Area, or Brand – businesses can choose which page works best for their business type or link an already established Brand page to their Storefront addresses.

It is clear after reviewing the changes to the platform that Google had only one thing in mind – better user experience! User experience to Google means it has to be fast, easy and include everything possible for their customers. Sound familiar?

Google has added local listings as an option for a type of Google+ page. This option is now split between Storefront and Service Area pages. As a result, Google Places no longer exists, or in truth, has been rebranded as part of the My Business upgrade.

One thing that is important to note is that all Google Places listings have been converted to the local listing page types and some may require further information to determine if the page will be categorized as Storefront or Service Area page. Overall, Google has simplified the management process as well as the user experience.

Now, from the comfort of your Google My Business dashboard – Insights, Reviews, Analytics, and Adwords can be viewed and managed from one, luxurious menu. We’ll go into each of these areas in greater detail.”

This is a detailed guide, useful if you’re a beginner or more advanced. Many SEO consultants would find this handy as well…
Please note, inclusion of this Guide here in the Australian eCommerce Guide should not be seen as an endorsement of Boostability or its services. But this Guide is good.

You can download “A Complete Guide to Google My Business” here.  (2Mb PDF).


August 14, 2014

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