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For most businesses, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important, but unfortunately it is also very misunderstood.  Sadly, it’s also an area that is full of snake-oil salesmen promising the world but often delivering little.

We recommend these Business Guides to help you stay on top of SEO.

Members, check out our special ‘Members Only’ Reference Guide for important questions to ask BEFORE you hire an SEO Consultant.  (This is vital to get right, first)

1.  The Beginner’s Guide to SEO from MOZ is one of the best sites on the web for reliable information on SEO,  Their Beginner’s Guide to SEO is a comprehensive guide you can read on the web here OR download from here as a 51 page 14Mb printable PDF. Moz also has a great range of other SEO resources here on their Learn SEO page.

2. Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. (Click to Download 32 page PDF)

Written in 2010, this starter guide is still relevant in 2014 even with the important changes Google has made to its search algorithms.  This is useful if you want to work on the content and SEO yourself – and also to understand what needs to be done if or when you get others involved.

3. Google’s One Page SEO Guide  (Click to Download 1 page PDF)

This is a bit like the Executive Summary of the 32 page doc. It’s almost too concise to be useful, but may be good as a basic intro.

4. Reference Guide Sheet for hiring an SEO Consultant (Members Only)

This Guide includes points to consider and 28 Questions to ask BEFORE you hire an ‘Expert’ SEO Consultant. (Members, you must be logged in to see and use DOWNLOAD link.)

5.  Bonus Guide Sheet on Tips for Asking Better Questions. (Members Only) 
When you ask your 28 Questions, use the tips in this Guide Sheet to make sure you get the answers you need.   (Members, you must be logged in to see and use DOWNLOAD link.)

6. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is another excellent source of knowledge on Search Engines. Here is a link to their guide to SEO.

June 19, 2014

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