StreetSmart eCommerce Workshop 3: How You can Double your Online Profits with a StreetSmart Action Plan!

StreetSmart eCommerce Workshop 3: 

How You can Double your Online Profits with a StreetSmart Action Plan!

Do you have an under-performing eCommerce website?  Is it time to get better results?

This StreetSmart eCommerce workshop is the SALES GROWTH session. This workshop focuses on Nine StreetSmart Strategies for Rapidly Driving eCommerce Sales Growth. You will learn these important strategies and dozens of practical tactics, techniques and tools you can use to drive more sales. 

During this workshop, you will start to work on your own StreetSmart Action Plan with tactics, tools and techniques that make sense for you and your business. If you have an eCommerce website and you are not getting the results you want, this 4 hour workshop session is for you.  


In this powerful workshop you will learn:

  • What it takes to double your online profits.
  • Nine StreetSmart Strategies for Rapidly Driving eCommerce Sales Growth.
  • The StreetSmart Action Plan Framework.
  • How Digital Berley works in StreetSmart Marketing.
  • StreetSmart techniques to enhance your Marketing and Sales Funnel.
  • The Secret Truths about SEO and SEM and how to increase sales online.
  • Nine StreetSmart Tactics to increase sales using Social Media.
  • How you can increase sales by adding StreetSmart TrustBuilders.
  • How to be StreetSmart to improve your Mobile Sales.
  • StreetSmart tools to make it easy for customers to buy and pay.
  • How to be StreetSmart with your eCommerce Analytics.
  • Free research tools you can use to leap-frog your competitors.
  • How to find expert service providers you can trust to help you. 

    This Workshop includes Recommended StreetSmart Tactics, Tools and Techniques to

  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and increase Conversion Rates
  • Supercharge your Online Advertising with smarter Ad Retargeting
  • Stand out from your competitors online.
  • Drive more repeat sales online.
  • Shift customers to buy more online.
  • Increase your average order value online.
  • Create automated marketing systems.
  • Increase sales with smarter email marketing & re-marketing.
  • Increase sales with smarter personalisation engines.
  • Increase sales with Affiliate Marketing programs.
  • Be StreetSmart with your Customer Service & Support.
  • Stimulate referrals and social recommendations.



  1. Suitable For Business To Consumer (B2C)
  2. Suitable for Business To Business (B2B) 
  3. Suitable for Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Business Services 
  4. Suitable for SMEs, Small Corporates, Public Companies


  • Anyone tasked with Increasing Online Sales
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Sales and Marketing Managers and Directors
  • eCommerce Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Digital Marketing Consultants and Agencies who want to be as StreetSmart as their Clients who attend the workshop.

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