StreetSmart eCommerce Workshop 2: How to Choose the Right eCommerce System for Your Business

StreetSmart eCommerce Workshop 2: 

How to Choose the Right eCommerce System for Your Business

This StreetSmart workshop is for anyone planning to implement a new or upgraded eCommerce shopping system in the next 12 months. After this workshop, you can confidently start to plan what to include in your next system – and easily decide what your business does not need. 


This comprehensive and practical workshop covers:

  • How to understand what your customers expect from you online. 
  • How to select what your business needs in your new eCommerce system. You will learn how to use the StreetSmart eCommerce Requirements Master Checklist to identify the essential and desirable features for your business. 
  • The StreetSmart way to prepare your Business Case and plan a realistic CapEx and OpEx Budget. 
  • How to be StreetSmart when you prepare your Project Brief and Request For Proposal documents. 
  • StreetSmart tips to shortlist and select the right eCommerce products, vendors web & eCom partners.
  • The Vital Steps to unmask unsuitable web firms and protect your business from expensive drama and grief. 
  • StreetSmart negotiation techniques for better project pricing, payment terms and other Project Terms and Conditions – how to avoid the painful and expensive traps that catch the unwary. 
  • How to get what you need without wasting money, and with less risks and stress.
Unique Master Checklist

All Participants in this workshop received the unique, valuable and highly practical StreetSmart eCommerce Requirements Master Checklist featuring over 485 possible areas and features to consider in your new eCommerce website. 

The Master Checklist includes questions and guidance on:

  • Shop Functionality
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Versions
  • Content Management
  • Shop Design & Layout
  • Products, Pricing & Merchandising
  • Ordering & Payments
  • Shipping & Freight
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Integrations 
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Analytics & Reports 
  • Security & Hosting
  • Special B2B Requirements 
  • And much more 


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