StreetSmart eCommerce Workshop 1: The Essential Guide to StreetSmart eCommerce for 2015

StreetSmart eCommerce Workshop 1: 

The Essential Guide to StreetSmart eCommerce for 2015


This workshop session covers:

  • The Fundamentals of StreetSmart eCommerce.
  • The Essential Must-Haves for successful B2C and B2B eCommerce websites in 2015
  • The SixQ Business View and how it can shock and guide you.
  • Nine StreetSmart Strategies for Rapidly Driving eCommerce Sales Growth.
  • The Essential Elements of a StreetSmart eCommerce Marketing and Sales Funnel
  • How to Continually meet the Changing Expectations of your Customers
  • StreetSmart tools and techniques to optimise your website and increase conversions and sales. Learn why Analytics is so important, why Search Engine Optimisation can be a huge rip off, and how to avoid getting burnt. 
  • Why the leading eCommerce Shop systems may be wrong or right for your business. Learn what NOT to buy… and the Technology Mantra that could save the life of your business. 
  • Why successful Integration is so important and the Critical Questions you must ask. 
  • How much you need to invest for StreetSmart eCommerce. 
  • An overview of how to plan your Digital RoadMap for success in 2015. 
  • How to find expert service providers you can trust to help you. 
  • And more… 


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