Together, we can make a difference. Do you share our Beliefs?

Here’s what we believe… 

1. We believe Australian businesses can get better results if they get streetsmart in doing online business.

2. We believe Aussie businesses must learn how to ask better questions about eCommerce upfront so they learn what works and what doesn’t – and they can avoid buying the wrong things from the wrong service providers.

3. We believe that if a group of honest, straight-talking and experienced Expert Service Providers in different areas of online business can openly share their expertise, then business owners who want to do better in eCommerce can learn the essential “Questions To Ask” – and they can  make smarter selection decisions and get better results.

Together we can make a difference. 

If you share our beliefs and want to help business merchants get streetsmart, we’d like to invite you consider the Service Provider Gold membership package.

With this, you get priority invitations to join our Expert Panel and take part in our upcoming webinars, podcast and workshops. You can share your expertise, build trust and attract more ideal customers. Plus you get additional benefits with more detailed listing profile information, and additional profiles that can be displayed in multiple categories.

You can become a Gold Member of the Australian eCommerce Guide. 

Here’s what you get…   

CONTRIBUTE AS AN EXPERT ADVISOR: If you want to contribute and share your business expertise, then you’ll fit right in. Become an Expert Advisor in your field for the Australian eCommerce Guide. Join one of our Expert Panels. Contribute tips and advice in your area of expertise. Help merchants learn what they need to know to ask you and others better questions.

Gold Members get Priority Invitations to participate in Expert Advice sessions in our podcasts, Guidesheet research and webinars. Share your expertise with other people including many prospective customers and build your reputation as a Trusted Adviser in your field. It’s good for business!



What this means to you is you can easily make sure the right information on your business is shown in the most appropriate sections of the eCommerce Guide’s directory – and seen by the right people as they use the Guide.

You don’t just get one detailed Business Profile listing, but up to 3 Special Gold Business Profile listings for your business. (You can use only one Gold Profile if you wish, but if you need three profiles for your business, then go ahead. It’s all included.)

Yes, you can have 3 separate profiles so different product and service areas in your business can have their own profile. AND each profile can be included in your choice of up to 3 categories in the Guide. Multiple Profile Listings AND each in multiple categories. It’s ideal where you want to explain different services you offer in different fields or to different types of customers. You choose the most appropriate categories – and you can update your listing information at any time.

More Detailed Enhanced Listings in the Guide: As a Gold Member, the details on your business can include extra information, customer references, testimonials, links to your You Tube videos and more. You can update your listing details at any time to include more info on your business in the Guide, build more trust and attract and win more customers!

The listings for your business will be enhanced and highlighted. Plus you get to use HTML descriptions and add in your Google Map reference. Multiple Listings, Multiple Categories, and extra enhancements… It’s ALL INCLUSIVE, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.


USE THE MEMBERS TRUSTMARK SEAL: As a Gold Member of the Guide, your business is eligible to use the Australian eCommerce Guide’s valuable TrustMark Seal on your website. The TrustMark Seal will show your website visitors you are a Member of the Guide and can help to build the trust they place in your business. It all adds to your reputation and your credibility as a trustworthy eCommerce Service Provider to Australian online Merchant businesses. You can hyperlink the Seal to your own specific page within the Guide.

Gold Membership: The $770 Gold Membership fee is for 12 months and includes Australian GST. After the 12 months, you’ll receive an email inviting you to continue your membership and your listings. There is no obligation to renew your membership, however if you don’t your multiple listings in the Guide will revert to one basic free listing AND you will need to remove our TrustMark Seal from your website.

Your Location: It does not matter whether your business is based in Australia or elsewhere in the world. Your physical location is not so important these days, however many potential customers will like to know your location and your timezone. Your location can be presented in a Google Map as part of your listing. We encourage you to use this facility.

If you share our mission, please join us now. Join now. Use the Guide to share your expertise, build trust, promote your business and connect with Aussie merchant businesses and other servie providers who want to get smarter with their eCommerce. You can empower them and help them grow! It’s good for business!

Welcome to the Australian eCommerce Guide.