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Triumph is a powerful, award-winning level entry Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Triumph’s ERP package takes your business to the next level with the power to manage and link all of the information connections across all aspects of your organisation.

Triumph also provides enhanced links for working with external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers. It is a vital organisational tool for multi-location small businesses through to, nationally based companies.

And as your business develops and grows, Triumph offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on modules and users, making it the most capable and affordable entry level ERP package on the market today. Triumph’s fully integrated package of 27 modules seamlessly link together including a fully integrated B2B eCommerce functions.

For more than 25 years, Triumph has been the financial package of choice for hundreds of Australian businesses across a wide range of industries including government, not for profit, manufacturing and mining through to distribution and retail and wholesale.

Triumph: Designed in Australia, for Australian businesses, at a price you can afford.

B2B e-Commerce

The internet offers today's enterprise remarkable flexibility when it comes to communicating with customers and business partners. Triumph allows you to use your company database as the engine room of your business with exciting new technology that makes vital information directly accessible by your clients.

Triumph's B2B e-Commerce module uses the latest technologies to allow your customers to securely transact business with you through a web browser over the internet. It enables your customers to place orders, do their own quotes, look at the status of pending orders, inquire on stock availability, inquire and print details on their accounts, and even reprint their own invoices.

Triumph B2B interacts directly with the company back-office systems and processes.  It is accurate, instantaneous and links with other Triumph modules, with no duplication or re-keying of information. The result is one of the best fully integrated cutting edge web applications on the market.

  • Individual logins with different security levels
  • Easy searching of products by Category, Group and Brand
  • Multiple images per item on the product enquiry with image zoom
  • Multiple documents per product, e.g. specifications, handling instructions etc
  • 'Specials’ landing page, with additional product highlighting, e.g. New or Clearance
  • Create favourites and template shopping cartsCustomised pricing for individual customers
  • Product pages can be displayed in Large Image format with thumbnails or Plain list

Triumph B2B e-Commerce also delivers;

  • Business customer experience to maximize conversion and revenue
  • Best-in-class search and navigation functionality including faceted browsing, keyword suggestions, and searchandising capabilities
  • Self-service and online order management tools
  • Tools for buying efficiency, including routine/repeat order support and bulk ordering capabilities
  • Customer-specific catalogues and pricing
  • Delivers robust functionality for business selling and buying
  • Complex account management that handles multiple buyer and user roles and service requirements
  • Account credit limit management
  • Support complex product catalogues, pricing logic and user/role management.
  • Support all channels including Web, and even offline vehicles such as print catalogue.
  • Rapidly deploy and manage multiple B2B sites on a single platform.
  • Use existing catalogues content and infrastructure to create custom sites and catalogues
  • Easily manage sites with currencies, brands, taxes and other regional requirements
  • Centralize order management capabilities to enable efficient fulfilment
  • Enrich your product descriptions with high-resolution images
  • Delivers best-in-class scalability and performance for high-volume, high-transaction environments.

What is the Triumph Edge?

Triumph offers the simplicity of cloud-based accounting solutions as wells as the traditional office-based product. You have real-time, date-based postings to all ledgers including the GL to provide a complete and accurate picture of your financial transactions at all times. Triumph offers comprehensive enquiries and drill downs with a modern, consistent user interface and is easy to learn and use.

You can operate mobile sales on iPads and other tablet devices allow orders to be captured in the field and immediately processed in the warehouse, ensuring the best in customer service. Triumph is designed for high volume fast response along with comprehensive sales-order, purchase-order and job processing cycles, with integrated inventory, provide complete management of all the company processes.

Triumph will provide detailed management of inventory in multiple locations, showing available stock on hand, managed, reserved, on lay-by, ordered, backordered, delivered, invoiced, requisitioned and stock in-transit. This results in better allocation of stocks, quick response to sales enquiries and up-to-date management and reporting of stock turnover. Triumph offers fully customisable business forms and reports and the ability to print, preview, fax or email all business forms along with the ability to integrate with Outlook, Excel, Word and Google Maps.


Triumph is the most powerful system for your money.
Customer Locations National (All of Australia)
Why You?

Triumph’s ERP package takes your business to the next level with the power to manage and link all of the information connections across all aspects of your organisation.

Triumph also provides enhanced links for working with external stakeholders such as suppliers and wlt_fielders. It is a vital organisational tool for multi-location small businesses through to nationally based companies.

Client Reference 1

Advantage Air is an Australian company based in Perth that has been researching, designing and manufacturing air-conditioning systems in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions, since 1990.

The growth of Advantage Air, Australia’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient air conditioning control systems to over 100 staff in 6 locations in Australia and South Africa and over the past 10 years, has been supported by Triumph. The 38 user Triumph system in Australia runs under Windows Terminal Services supporting branches in Perth and Brisbane.

Advantage Air has recently set up a 12 user Triumph system for their South Africa operation servicing branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. As well as running modules for Multi Division to consolidate their branches, they also run Bill of Materials, Inventory and Job Costing for the manufacturing and costing processes. To aid in the efficient processing of Sales Orders the B2B eCommerce module is used to allow agents to place orders and look at Inventory and order statuses over the Internet.

Margaret Devoy Owner/Director

Advantage Air

Client Reference 2

David Grays Aglink is the most recent success story in the David Gray & Co story, which began with manufacturing stock feeds for West Australian farmers in 1939. David Grays Aglink began in 2005 and has proven to be an outstanding business decision, experiencing an annual turnover in excess of $60 million just 9 years on.

David Grays needed a system that offered high performance accounting but was still simple enough for their operational staff to use. It also needed strong reporting ability to allow management and auditors to track what was happening across the company. Within the David Grays Aglink operation they have more than 150 suppliers across the country and over 4,500 stock items to manage, as well as seven suppliers that they manage consignment stock for and also operate a third-party warehouse system.

“With the exceptional expansion we were experiencing with the opening of David Grays Aglink we knew we needed a strong, robust system that would provide us with the platform for that growth, as well as provide us and our customers with real time information,” says Simon Hazelden, the Commercial Manager of Aglink Operations.

"When we turned to Triumph we knew we had found the perfect cost effective solution for our business challenges. Not only did it have 27 integrated business modules, Triumph was also an Australian-designed product which enabled us to work collaboratively with them in the development of a Management Inventory Model, that was critical to the success of our now multi-faceted business. Triumph was able to streamline our stock, improve our inventory control and invoicing, and interface with our customers with actual real-time information. Triumph has been a success for David Gray & Co and David Grays Aglink.”

Simon Hazelden – Commercial Manager,

Aglink Operations

Client Reference 3

Kosmic Electronic Industries, Australia's leading musical equipment and instrument store in the Southern Hemisphere, uses its Triumph POS system to manage sales and stock transactions across more than 14,000 product items.

Growing from just one POS station in 1992, to a 37 user system in 2014, Triumph's unique connection of the sales action with the accounting system has enabled the company to perform retail transactions, deliver up-to-the-minute stock and retail data and make business decisions on a daily basis.

One of the most challenging aspects of retail growth is the management of stock information. The full range of tasks, from accommodating different (and frequently changing) product names to admitting stock into available inventory, is handled easily and automatically by the Triumph database. Kosmic also rely on Triumph to handle sales and inventory management for Galactic Music, Kosmic’s newly created wholesale and distribution arm.

Real-time inventory information assists Kosmic in reducing sales losses from stock shortages of fast-turning stock and the negative impact of slow turning stock. This is vital for a business that conducts over 200 transactions daily in values that range from a few dollars to many tens of thousands. Kosmic’s recently redesigned website reads real-time inventory information from Triumph to advise online customers of stock levels and pricing. Triumph's powerful reporting system assists decision making by providing analysis of rates of sales, margins, targets and stock churns.

Store management is able to look daily at the sales performances of any stock item, supplier, sales department or sales personnel. By pre-setting automatic re-ordering levels, inventory management is kept current and varying lead times can be easily accommodated. Sales staff are then free to spend their time and energy on customer service.

Triumph POS system is easy to use by all personnel, from sales and stock personnel through to accounting staff. Kosmic's database is also configured to feed its marketing systems, providing data that assists in targeting prospects according to their past purchases and synergies of interest. Triumph’s Retail Management Suite is at the heart of Kosmic’s retail operations.

- Kosmic Electronic Industries, Mr Jon Brown CFO

Client Reference 4

From Humble Beginnings to Australia's Leading Supplier of Wholesale Flowers.

Tesselaar Flowers began over 75 years ago when Joanna and Cees Tesselaar emigrated from Holland and pioneered the flower-growing industry in Australia. Since then, Tesselaar Flowers has grown to become Australia's largest wholesale florist.

Tesselaar Flowers WA was a growing company when they decided to make the move to Triumph. Managing Director, Mr Tom Carey, said that before they started using Triumph, Tesselaar Flowers WA was using several different pieces of software to keep the business running smoothly. Triumph was able to bring everything together into one consolidated and fully-integrated system.

“We are the largest special order supplier in WA, and that’s why we need sophisticated software. We need to make sure that we have all the right things in place so that we can consistently supply the best possible product and that is where Triumph comes in.”

“Tesselaar Flowers is a high-volume business and we need to do our transactions as quickly as possible and Triumph allows us to do that.”

“We are still growing and that is another reason why Triumph works for us; it allows you to come in on the ground level and as your business grows, Triumph can grow with you.”

“One of the benefits of Triumph is that it has the complexity and depth needed for a business like ours, while maintaining ease of use with the bonus of being able to bring everything together into one consolidated and fully-integrated system.”

Mr Tom Carey, Managing Director,
Tesselaar Flowers.

Client Reference 5

Newton Sand, Metal & Landscaping

“With over 800 Account Customers and trading 7 days per week with an average of 150 to 200 deliveries per day it was extremely important to us to have a reliable, cost effective and user friendly system. With Triumph Inventory we are able to link PDF information documents and screen pictures of each item which means that anybody can serve a customer with full product knowledge, thus ensuring our mission of “Service you can rely on” is met.” says Daniel Phillips, Newtons Business Manager.

Established in the late 70s Newtons has grown from originally supplying sand and metal to becoming one of the largest building and landscape yards in South Australia. Now known as Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies, Newtons offers an incredibly diverse range covering building supplies, landscape materials, water solutions & garden supplies to both trade and retail.

“Due to the diversity of our business we needed to have a specific report for calculating the price of each trucks delivery. This involved the load, per ton, per kilometre, product type and the distance from each quarry. Being an Australian designed product Triumph was able to write a specific module for us called The Quarry Delivery System, that linked into Triumph and enabled us to forgo calculating all orders manually.

Triumph has saved us an incredible amount of time and ensured accurate information was delivered to us in real time.” said Daniel Phillips. "With over 26 users we have found Triumph to be user friendly from Point of Sale through to General Ledger, from someone who has been here 10 years to anyone that has just started they will find Triumph easy to use. Mr Phillips said.

“With over 800 accounts of varying trades we needed to be able to look at sales per category, per location, per stock group. Triumph provided an integrated solution saving us time and money”

“Triumph has given us much better management tools, to operate our business”

Daniel Phillips,
Newtons Business Manager.

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Triumph is an established business with a proven track record for developing and updating its accounting software systems over many years.
In addition to its core accounting system features, Triumph offers B2B eCommerce capabilities.
Richard Keeves, Australian eCommerce Guide