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Telerik Sitefinity is an integrated Web Content Management and Ecommerce solution.

Sitefinity incorporates various features and solutions that enable businesses to create and manage websites, portals and stores. The system is capable of optimizing and personalizing experiences towards different devices and audiences and of managing multiple websites and storefronts through integrated online content, marketing and Ecommerce features.

The Ecommerce functionality includes a complete set of features around catalog and product management, inventory management, order management, integrations, shopping store and cart options that enable merchants to easily set up and configure their stores.

Sitefinity is based on ASP .NET and enables .NET, MVC and Front-End developers to create unique experiences and integrations on top of the Ecommerce and Content Management Framework.

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Comments by Richard Keeves

Sitefinity is a well-featured Content Management system built in ASP.NET. It has B2C and B2B eCommerce capabilities, but is not purely or specially built for eCommerce.

Sitefinity is sold in Australia through a strong network of web developers who can implement the system for businesses.

There are not many other good ASP.NET CMS and eCommerce solutions with the feature set that Sitefinity has and at the price that Sitefinity sells for - and that are widely supported in Australia. Sitefinity can look like an attractive option.

Developers implementing Sitefinity need to have good skills in ASP.NET. These developers may include Sitefinity as one of their eCommerce solution options, or they may present Sitefinity as their recommended solution for you.

One of the good points about selecting Sitefinity is that you will not be locked into forever dealing with the web development company who initially implement it for you. If you need to move to get support and further development work done by a different firm, then you can.

Telerik is the company behind Sitefinity, and they have demonstrated a commitment to the product and its ongoing development roadmap for many years. It also has a substantial customer base globally. These are important points to keep in mind, as this will probably make Sitefinity a much better option for you than an alternative such as a proprietary system developed in-house by an individual web development company.

The big question will be, Is Sitefinity the best choice for you to meet your eCommerce requirements?

Make sure you understand your own business requirements for your eCommerce operations and look carefully at the features offered by Sitefinity to check if and how Sitefinity can be used to meet your needs.

Look to see what additional customisation work (if any) may be needed to be done to Sitefinity so you get what you need for the system to fit in with your business processes, especially integrations with other back-end systems you run.

Don't just assume everything will be perfect. Check other eCom sites built in Sitefinity by the web company you are talking with who would implement the system for you. Talk with the owners of those websites and do a reference check to find out what they think of the web company and what they think of Sitefinity.

You can use this link to Built With to see other sites built with the Sitefinity CMS.