Outgrown your Business Management Software?



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Outgrown your Business Management Software?

Have you outgrown your business management software?
  • Are you working off spread sheets or using a number of programs to help support the functionality of your main accounting software?
  • Are you relying on key people within your business to keep a complicated system running smoothly?
  • Are you entering the same data into two programs, or even two area of the same program?
  • Struggling with multiple user access?
  • Unable to capture all the information you need to make informed business decisions?
  • More people using the system leading to increased volumes of data and slow running or failure?

Triumph can now manage and fully integrate every aspect of your business. Triumph is Australian owned and developed and is an affordable, award winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Triumph starts with a comprehensive integrated starter pack which included;

  1. General Ledger
  2. Debtors
  3. Creditors
  4. Inventory
  5. Bank Reconciliation
  6. EFT Payments
As your business grows, Triumph grows with you. Simply add the individual modules and users to suit your new business needs. Triumph allows you to easily integrate the system to link all the vital elements of your business at an affordable price. You can fully integrate all of these additional modules so they seamlessly link together giving you even greater power to make informed decision for your business.
  • Point of Sale - counter or mobile sales
  • Sales Analysis-enables detailed analysis od sales and costs
  • E-Commerce- B2B and B2C
  • Multi Division -multiple company divisions or branches with consolidated reporting
  • Manufacturer Catalogue-work with tens of thousands manufacturer catalogue parts
  • Job Quoting-quote for work, transform to job and track all costs and charges
  • Job Costing-accurate cost information for bills and comparison purposes improved profitability
  • Time Clock-record against jobs in a workshop environment
  • Multi Location- manage sales or manufacturing of stock across multiple locations or stores
  • Stock Transfer- manages stock across multiple physical locations
  • Sales Order Entry-fulfil customer orders and back orders
  • Purchase Requisitions-create orders based or order, job, and inventory requirements
  • Purchase Ordering-manage the complete purchasing cycle from quote to order to delivery to invoice
  • Advance Purchasing-record and manage advanced purchases with Incoterms and barcodes
  • Bill of Materials- manage and control the assembly and disassembly of stock components or finished goods
  • Special Pricing- create negotiated or promotional prices
  • Fixed Assets-track your assets and do auto depreciation at a push of a button
  • Foreign Bank Accounts- maintain, reconcile and revalue multiple bank accounts in any foreign currency
  • Foreign Creditors-control trading complexities/fluctuating exchange rates when exporting internationally
  • Foreign Debtors-control trading complexities/fluctuating exchange rates when exporting internationally
  • Consignment Stock- seamlessly manage inventory on consignment from supplier, including third party agents

*Special offer on Triumph Starter Pack for 1 to 5 users; $2,300 per user a saving of over $2,000 with bonus offer of $1,200 per user for additional users purchased after initial five. *Cloud Starter Pack Special offer $145.00 per month per user a saving of over $100 per month.

This special offer includes Starter Pack of 6 modules plus the choice of the equivalent of 4 full modules

Triumph Starter Pack

*All prices are subject to GST. Prices do not include service fees for installation, setup, data conversion or training.

Customer Locations National (All of Australia)
Why You?

Triumph takes your business to the next level with the power to manage and link all of the information connections across all aspects of your organisation.

Business Name Triumph Business Systems
Website www.triumph.com.au
Country AU
State Western Australia
Contact Lisa Guhl
Phone 1800653545
Twitter @TriumphSoftware
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