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IBC Digital

We are developers, so we love to develop online solutions, websites and software, that will increase your customer awareness, improve ROI, promote your products and services and streamline your online processes to save you time.

Our products and services include

  • Custom websites- ecommerce, intranets, extranets, CMS customisation
  • Verdi CMS
  • Custom applications (calculators, automated systems, booking systems, ticketing systems and more)
  • Hosting
  • Digital marketing
  • System integration
  • Ongoing maintenance of your web solution and software solutions.

The proof of our success is in the list of clients that work with us and the fact that they choose to partner with us long term, many have been with us for 13 years or more.

You will come to appreciate how helpful and approachable we are at IBC Digital and as our relationship strengthens there will be an easy communication in which the exchange of advice, feedback and friendship can further develop your online solution / website and the direction of our product development to meet your future needs.

Customer Locations National (All of Australia)
Why You?

IBC Digital are passionate about development. We develop websites, software and applications for our clients that help their business grow online. We stay with our clients long term and celebrate their online business success as much as they do.

Client Reference 1

After many years of maintaining our own website, both hosting and web design, the Perth Motorplex decided that the time to update the website to incorporate the latest trends and to facilitate our desired direction was at hand.

However our business is extremely complex with a variety of events, pricing and a large number of different race categories – each with their own requirements.

After meetings with a number of different organisations we identified IBC as being a company that understood what we were trying to achieve.

IBC have delivered to the Perth Motorplex a system that is easy for the administration to use while being user friendly to our customers – the fans wishing to keep up to date with the latest news and information and with the ability to purchase and print their ticket requirements in the comfort of their home and the racers who now can enter events online, print out their racer credentials saving them both time and money when arriving to compete at their next event.

The very first time we used this online system of event entry for the race teams we employed additional staff to assist the competitors when they arrived. We need not have bothered. The racers found the system easy to use and were ahead of us. Not only did they have their tickets printed and ready to go…many also save their credentials to their smart phones, ipads, tablets etc which were easily scanned in.

In conjunction with a user friendly Electronic Direct Mail system incorporated with the package we have not only reduced our business costs but have become more effective with our electronic marketing ensuring a more focused marketing plan.

The ongoing training and support has also been a valued part of the service provided by IBC.

We are very happy with our website, our online ticketing for spectators and entry for competitors and most importantly our more efficient direct communication with our customers.

Don’t believe me? Well check out www.motorplex.com.au and see for yourself.

Peter Pike

Drag Racing and Communications Manager

Perth Motorplex. http://www.motorplex.com.au/

Client Reference 2

IBC has been there for Simply Stainless since day 1 of its website launch from design, hosting our website through to our SEO.

They have a knowledgeable team of developer and professional customer service who are reliable when we need to get something done or even just expert opinion in their fields.

Would recommend IBC to anyone who values quality website and fantastic customer service.

Emilio Sacco

Simply Stainless: http://www.simplystainless.com/

Client Reference 3

Cengage Learning Australia has worked with IBC since about 2006. Over that time, we've developed a strong partnership. They've demonstrated a solid understanding of our business and customers and have contributed to our success through the support and development of our digital portfolio. Their Verdi CMS underpins some of our key platforms and websites.

With IBC's help and advice we've successfully delivered a range of important digital projects. They always work hard to make sure we are happy and to offer solutions and assistance, even when it's outside their direct remit. Technically, they've handled everything we've asked of them and as a relatively small organisation, they're responsive and nimble.

IBC remain a key partner for us as we grow our business and tackle the challenge of digital content delivery.

Mark Sanders

Cengage Learning Networks & Infrastructure Manager

Cengage Learning: http://www.cengagelearning.com.au/

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The MD of IBC Digital is Mr Shane Kelly. A nicer and more trustworthy person you will not meet. Seriously.

Richard Keeves