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This Payment Processing category includes online payment processors and payment gateways.

Online payment processors (such as PayPal and Pin Payments) manage the entire transaction processing and then make payments to the merchant.

Online payment gateways typically provide the secure gateway for credit card transaction processing between an eCommerce merchant's website and a bank that provides an Internet Merchant Facility to the merchant. Payment gateway providers include the different Australian banks as well as third party payment gateway operators that are independent and not controlled by a specific bank.

Bank-operated payment gateways include NAB's Transact and Commbank's CommWeb. Third party payments gateway providers include SecurePay, eWay and Merchant Warrior.

As another option, payment gateway providers such as Poli Payments enable merchants to offer customers the ability to pay directly from the customer's bank account rather than pay using a credit card.

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eWAY Payment Solutions

eWAY is a leading Australian, New Zealand, UK and Singapore Payment Solution.  eWAY offers attractive packages for merchants and also has developed tight integration wit


TNSPay is a managed payment gateway service, enabling merchants to securely and reliably authorize and settle card transactions. "The TNSPa

Payment Express

"Payment Express is a high-growth innovative global leader in payment technology delivering a range of PCI DSS compliant payment solutions to major corporate, banking and

EP2 Global

EP2 is an Australian payment services provider offering credit card processing through a partnership with the German-based Wirecard AG (

Direct Payment Solutions

Direct Payment Solutions now operates as Payment Express.


Camtech was one of Australia's first online payment gateways. After starting life in the 1990s as a technology spin-off from the University of Adelaide, Camtech ended up being owned by SecurePay and b


SecurePay is an Australian online payment gateway allowing credit card transactions to occur online and payments passed to your Australian bank account. SecurePay is now part of Australia Post.

POLI Payments

POLI Payments is an Australian-based real-time online payment processing service. POLi enables customers to pay via their internet banking.

Pin Payments

Pin Payments is a new Australian-based online payment processing system.  It is designed  for Australian small to medium enterprises to use as a simple and relatively lo