Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is the Purpose of the Guide? Why does it exist?

A: The purpose of the Australian eCommerce Guide is to guide Aussie businesses to be more streetsmart with eCommerce, make better planning and selection decisions, and enjoy better results online. You can see more in the About The Guide or download this 1 page PDF.


Q: I found my business in the Guide. How do I add to or change the information about our business in the Guide?

A: Firstly, please register as a user of the Guide, then claim the listing for your business. Once you have claimed the listing, you can update the “Description” and the fields of “More Info” that is the listing information about your business. Please see the Question below which explains the different information you can include about your business in the Guide.  

When you register, you will need to have an email address that shows you are part of the business for which you are claiming the listing. Once you have claimed and updated the listing, the listing profile will be reviewed by our editorial team prior to the modified listing being ‘live’ in the Guide.

Please note, you are not able to update or change the “Your Comments” about your business that other users of the Guide may have added, nor are you able to update or change the “Guide’s Comments” which are comments that may be added by the Editor and editorial panel of the Australian eCommerce Guide. If you find any inaccuracies in any of the information or comments about your business, please contact us and let us know immediately so we can review the information.


Q:  I’m a Service Provider.  What information do I need to prepare for a Listing in the Guide’s directory?  How can I easily see the differences in the packages for Service Providers?

A: Please download this three page PDF which summarises the three types of listings available for Service Providers. It also includes all of the fields of ‘More Information’ that you can include in the Guide about your business.  This will easily show you the differences between the packages for Service Providers.



Q:  What are all of the Categories in the Guide’s directory?

A:  There are 18  main categories and 130 sub categories in the Guide.  To see all of the listing categories easily, you can  download this one page PDF.  (opens in new window.)  Or scroll through the Category list in the Search bar.


Q: If Service Providers get to write their own Descriptions in your Guide, how do you expect the Guide to have credibility?  As business owners, we don’t need to read more self-congratulatory crap. We want to know the truth about businesses, especially Service Providers. 

A:  Great question.  Our credibility is paramount. We hate crap. If we see false or misleading information in a listing, we will remove the listing or edit it. We reserve the right to edit or delete any listings in the Guide; we do edit listings and will continue to do so.

Also in addition to the Service Provider listings in the Guide, we also link to the most valuable and useful learning resources we can find. We also prepare our own resources and guidesheets – with the help and input of Service providers who have expertise in different topic areas.  We’re careful who we invite – and we’re careful what we include.

We don’t tolerate crap, and we will never include ‘advertorial’ in our guides or reports. What a business chooses to put in their own listing is largely up to them, but they would be very stupid to write anything that is unhelpful or untrue.  They will get caught out. If WE see exaggerated puffery (or ‘self-congratulatory crap’ as you put it) in a listing, we will edit it or suggest to the business to edit it.  If they don’t, we will.

If YOU see listings like that, then you are welcome to tell us – and also to add Your Comments to the listing – so that other merchants can read and learn what you think about a particular business. We may moderate and edit users’ comments so we don’t end up in court too often, but if a Service Provider was unreliable or not good to deal with, then we WANT to share this info in the Guide.

No Service Provider is paying so much for their listings or membership that we will ever be reliant on the money of any individual businesses that becomes a bit ‘dodgy’.  And if they want to argue with us, we’ll write about them online.

Also, just so you know, a lot of the descriptions on providers, business tools and resources are written by us at the Guide from what we know or learn about a business. We don’t know everything – and we’re happy for a service provider to add or change our descriptions, especially over time as the business evolves.

We’ll add our own comments and reviews on businesses.  As an example, please check out in the ‘Comments’ area, what our Editor Richard Keeves wrote about Crazy Domains. Seriously, we call a spade a spade without fear or favour.

In eCommerce, there is no ‘one size fits all’.  Different solutions and different providers can suit different merchant customers. Or not.  There is no right or wrong.  We are NOT the font of all wisdom. What works for one business may not work well for another who has different skills, budgets or expectations. There is no font of all wisdom. Certainly not us at the Guide. If anyone tells you they know everything about eCommerce, then that’s crap for a start. And things change over time. What is good today may not be good tomorrow.

The reality is, the proof our credibility will come over time.  But we won’t be sacrificing our credibility just because some business wants to pay us some money. The money just helps pay some bills. It does not buy us, and it never will. Hope that answers your question.  Forgive the rant.

Richard Keeves, Editor and Chief Guide.