The new Australian eCommerce Guide

The Australian eCommerce Guide helps you find the missing pieces of your eCommerce puzzle

The new Australian eCommerce Guide is now live online and in final beta testing before its official launch on 19 June 2014.

The purpose of the Guide is to help Aussie businesses get better results from eCommerce.  We do this by helping merchants fast-track their learning by connecting with the eCommerce service providers who can best help them.

The Guide also provides easy access to useful tools and resources to help merchants quickly learn. We help merchants ask better questions - and find better answers. We help you solve your eCommerce puzzles faster and better.

To succeed at eCommerce, there is so much to learn…   Most business owners admit

  1. they don’t know what they don’t know,
  2. they don’t know where to start, and
  3. they don’t know who to trust.

Our mission is to help Australian business owners use eCommerce more successfully and enjoy better results faster with less wasted time, money and resources.   We guide Aussie merchants and help you connect with specialist eCommerce Service Providers for better eCommerce results! This Guide is unique. When you need to know, here you go

Benefits To Merchants

1. Get better guidance.
2. Do smarter planning.
3. Find better service providers.
4. Ask better questions,
5. Give better instructions.
6. Get better results. Faster!
7. And find better eCommerce tools for your business.

Benefits to Service Providers

1. Highly targeted marketing.
2. Build trust as a provider.
3. Be part of our Expert Panels.
4. Educate merchants easier.
5. Attract more of the right customers.
6. Get better results. Faster!


Merchants and Service Providers can be in the Guide with a free basic listing or can choose a more detailed enhanced premium listing. And Members get even more great benefits!

Welcome to the Australian eCommerce Guide!


June 11, 2014

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