Is there a Magic Wand for eCommerce success?



Is there a Magic Wand? 

I see the pain almost every day. Ignorance is NOT bliss. What business owners don’t know about the online world really can hurt them.

Too many are struggling with ineffective websites, unfriendly systems and questionable marketing. They’re getting poor results and not enough ROI. They don’t make money online, but waste money online… and sometimes a lot of it. eCommerce mistakes are painful, take time and get expensive. When you add the stress and pain, it’s not surprising some business owners are cutting back and even giving up on eCommerce.

A magic wand for eCommerce success sure would be helpful…

magic-wand-for-ecommerceWhat would you do if you had the magic wand for eCommerce success? Think about it. What would you change? What would you add to your eCom website? What would you get rid of? What would be your top priorities?

Of course, there are no magic wands or silver bullets, but there is a better way. You can learn to make smarter eCommerce choices by becoming more streetsmart.

Streetsmart is learning from others, learning what works and what doesn’t. It’s being smarter to know what you want and need, ask better questions, find better answers, and get what you need without wasting money or getting ripped off.

Being streetsmart can usually save money too, but streetsmart is about getting better value, not doing things ‘on the cheap’.

But how do you become ‘streetsmart’? I’m presenting three new workshops on StreetSmart eCommerce. (You can see the workshop info here and download the full PDF brochure here.

We cover practical tips, tools and solutions to make better choices, make more sales online, improve ROI and turn your eCommerce website into a profit-generating asset for your business. These new workshops are not an instant ‘quickfix’, but they can help you get on the eCommerce success fast-track. I guarantee it.

There is NO magic wand for eCommerce success, but you can create your own magic by being more streetsmart!

September 2, 2014

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