Digital HeadsUp Perth – August 15 2014

Do you want to stay on top (or get on top) of continual changes in the Digital Business/ Web  / eCommerce space?  Do you want to meet some people who can help you, teach you, provoke you and maybe even inspire you?

This is an informal small group catchup breakfast for businesses and specialists involved in eCommerce and  digital business.  Whether you’re in retail, wholesale, B2B, B2C or whatever…   OR whether you work for or run a digital agency or web dev business…..   this is a catch up / headsup session that WILL help your business.  We’ll all make sure it does.

What’s it all about? 

It’s a meet up and a catch up. You’ll meet some interesting people who may help you on your own digital journey.  You’ll probably catch up with some people you’ve met before but have not seen for a while.

And it’s a headsup.  Everybody coming needs to share something of interest that others may not yet know about.  This is where you give others a heads-up about something you see coming or on the horizon…. and other people give you a heads up too from their perspective on digital business.

This is a small group of digitally-aware and savvy people to confidentially discuss ideas, strategies and tools for better business.

This is not for a big group.  This is a small and intimate room that holds maybe 18 people at a squash.  If you want to come, please book now.  And if you do book in, please come along as your seat will be reserved for you.

The cost is $25 per person. You pay the venue when you arrive. This covers coffee/tea on arrival, your breakfast and another coffee if you want it.

Starts at 7.30.  (Smart people get there early.)  Finishes at 9am.  (Some people may want to hang around longer and exchange ideas and business cards etc.)

Parking is easy – there’s a huge council car park just behind the venue in Leederville.

Chatham House rules. What is spoken in the room stays in the room.  No recordings.

Are you up for it?  Reserve your seat now.

This will probably fill up very quickly.  Please book now to aviod disappointment.

Bookings here.