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Can you help Aussie businesses be more streetsmart with eCommerce?

Service Providers include digital agencies, eCom consultants, eCom shopping software platform owners, web dev companies, payment processors, conversion specialists, marketers, advisors, copywriters, freight and fulfillment experts –  and so much more…

Service Providers helping Australian businesses can be located anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, you are welcome to be part of the Australian eCommerce Guide as long as you service and support Australian merchant businesses.

Promote your business, your products and your services directly to those merchants in  Australia who are looking for your help.

Share your knowledge and expertise to help Aussie online merchants become more streetsmart and get the best results.

Please join us and be part of the Guide.  It will be good for business!


links to PDF with detailed info for Service ProvidersThere are currently three packages available to make sure Aussie businesses and other service providers know about your business and what you do in the eCommerce world.

1. Service Providers can be included in the Guide for free with a FREE listing in the Guide. (Single listing, single category.)

Use this link to Add Your Free Listing Now.

2. You can choose the Service Provider Silver package for a more detailed and enhanced listing. This is $275 inc GST, which features your individual listing profile in the Guide for 6 months. (Your Silver listing profile can be displayed in up to 3 relevant categories.)

Use this link to Add Your Silver Listing Now.

3. Service Provider Gold Membership: Gold membership is for Service Providers who want to share their knowledge and expertise through the Guide. Gold Members get priority invitations to be part of our Expert Panels, contribute to the Guide’s resources and reference guides; and be part of our webinars, podcast and workshops.

As a Gold Member, you can also include much more information about your business in the Guide. You can create up to three different listing profiles to explain different products or service areas within your business. These profiles can each be displayed in up to 3 different categories in the Guide.

The Service Provider Gold Membership includes plenty of other benefits, which are outlined in detail here on the Gold Membership page and also on the Service Provider Listing Info PDFGold membership is a 12 month package and is $770 inc GST.

Use this link to join as a Gold Member Now.


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For full details of the packages, and what is included in each, please check out this PDF on Service Provider Listing Information

To easily see ALL of the different categories in the Guide, please read THIS 1 page PDF on the Listing Categories.

To learn more about how you can help share your expertise and experience as a specialist in your field, please read this PDF on Expert Research.  It outlines how and why we ask you for your help.

For details on our Expert Panels, please download this PDF.