Is it time to get StreetSmart?

Are you planning a new or upgraded eCommerce system?
Do you want to find a better website or online shop system?
Do you want to find a better web partner?
Are you looking for smarter marketing ideas?
Do you want to learn more about improving conversions?
Do you want to find the right eCommerce tools to use in your business?
Do you want to get StreetSmart?

You can use the Australian eCommerce Guide to learn and fast-track what you want to know. You can learn the right Questions To Ask and you can learn to find the right Answers. You need the StreetSmart Answers from independent and unbiased advisers you can trust.

We recommend our StreetSmart+Support Business membership program. Or if you’re the DIY type, then maybe the StreetSmart Business membership is right for you.

StreetSmart Business Membership

StreetSmart Business Membership is ideal if you want to learn more about smarter eCommerce and are happy to work through the eCommerce strategy planning and selection processes by yourself. You get to use and enjoy the special Member benefits and eCommerce resources of the Australian eCommerce Guide.

Using the Guide directory and resources, you can find the right Service Providers and the right tools to use. You also get free participation in our webinars and online events. You can create your own personal list of Favorites as you use the Guide to find possible service providers and tools to help you. And you can rate other businesses, add your comments and learn!

StreetSmart Business Membership is $88 for a full year, including GST.

StreetSmart+Support Business Membership

As a StreetSmart+Support Member, you get personal SUPPORT to help you review your current position, plan what you need for the future AND get our input and recommendations to help you select the best options for your business.

You get priority access to the special StreetSmart Member Resources. AND you get 6 (yes, SIX) consulting and guidance meeting sessions with a senior Business Adviser from the Australian eCommerce Guide. Here’s how it works…

Our recommended approach is to start with the Initial Review meeting where we discuss your business, your strategies and your current situation. We talk about your current choices including your technology, your web and marketing agencies and other providers you are using at the moment. This could take 1-3 hours or longer. (It’s done on the phone or with Skype.)

We then assess your situation and conduct web-based research on your business and your close competitors. We produce a concise report for you with recommendations for your business. We send you the report, you review it and we then meet again (on the phone or Skype) to discuss the report and recommendations in detail.

You then decide what you want to do to move forward. Whatever you do, we’ll be with you, supporting you, helping you find answers to whatever questions arise. It’s a 12 month program, and we’re with you to support you over the 12 months.

During this 12 months of your Membership, we have FOUR more meeting sessions with you talk about your progress, help you plan your next steps and make the best choices for your business. These are typically planned to be about every 3 months, but it depends on your situation. (We’re flexible.) It’s best to allow 2 hours for each of these Quarterly meetings.

In addition to these planned phone meetings, you can call our office and speak to your Business Adviser during the 12 months to ask additional questions to clarify and discuss the planned approaches. (This is during normal working hours, and a ‘reasonable use’ policy applies.)

It’s all about helping you to get StreetSmart and fast-track your results.

The StreetSmart+Support Business Membership is designed to be GREAT VALUE for you! You get independent and unbiased help to review and plan the best options for your business online. You get ongoing Support.

You are not charged on an hourly rate. It’s a fixed price total program for business owners and managers who are serious about getting better results in the next 12 months.

The total investment for this 12 month program is $1,650 inclusive of GST. This is paid in advance at the commencement of the program. (A monthly payment plan is available if you prefer. This is $220 per month inc GST. Total Payment is $2,640 if paid monthly.)


1. You get special access to Member Only resources including our Tips and Traps Guidesheets on different aspects of eCommerce;
2. Access to Expert Advice sessions from specialist Service Providers;
3. Access to Member Only webinars and other online events; and
4. Plus a variety of Special offers, bonuses and discounts provided by some Service Providers for the StreetSmart Members of the Guide.

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