Member Resources

Member Resources


Do you know the right Questions To Ask when you select and engage specialist eCommerce Service Providers?


When it comes to growing your business online, there’s a lot to know – and plenty of questions to ask so you make the best decisions for your business.  How do you make the best decision when choosing a web company, eCommerce system or digital service provider?  What questions do you ask?  

The Australian eCommerce Guide is here to help. Here’s how it works…  

Links to Web Resources 

Firstly, we search the web for useful resources that are valuable and helpful for Australian businesses doing eCommerce. Any visitor to the Australian eCommerce Guide website can freely access this library of links and follow the links we recommend to resources that can help you.

Special Resources Guides (independent & unbiased)

The Australian eCommerce Guide is developing our own extensive library of practical checklists and guides in many different areas of eCommerce.

These Guides also link in with our own eCommerce and digital roadmap business planning framework.

The checklists and guides are produced by us from our own experience, and with the help of ‘subject matter’ expert specialists who want to share their expertise with Australian businesses. The reference guides are concise, balanced, independent and unbiased. You quickly learn the questions you need to ask to fast-track your selection decision-making.  These special Resource Guides are only available online for Members of the Australian eCommerce Guide.

Your Personal ‘Needs Analysis’

In addition to the special reference guides, all Members of the Australian eCommerce Guide are able to have ‘Needs Analysis’ sessions on any eCommerce issue that is on your mind.  This confidential Needs Analysis session would typically take about 30 minutes over on the phone. You will then get our recommended approach to help you.

Expert Panel Service

The Guide also operates Expert Panels of specialist service providers who have agreed to help the members and users of the  Australian eCommerce Guide.  Depending on your situation and issues, we can ask members of the relevant Expert Panel to provide their own individual responses and recommendations for you. We collate these responses and pass them on to you. This is done confidentially and anonymously for you. Your identity is not disclosed to the Expert Panel at any stage.  This Expert Panel service is provided for Members and does not incur any additional fee for Members.

Member Resources

The Guide launched ‘live’ on 23 June 2014. Now that it’s live, the Member Resources section is being updated and added to frequently with more specific tools and resources.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us as we may be working on that topic right now.


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