Core Values

Our Core Values are non-negotiable

We live by these Values. We will not break these values.  If someone wants to question us or expects us to compromise on any issue that would contradict our core values, we will uphold our core values.  We take them seriously.


The Core Values that drive and guide the team at the Australian eCommerce Guide are:

1. Honesty

We are honest.  We will never intentionally say, write or publish something that we know to be untrue or even partially untrue.

If someone else says, writes or publishes anything on this site that we find out to be untrue or partially untrue, we will correct it as soon as is possible.

We do not claim or pretend to know everything about eCommerce. (Anyone who says they do is kidding themselves – and you.)  We do have extensive networks with eCom specialists locally and around the world. We’re very happy for these specialists to help share their expertise and experiences with others in the Guide. It’s our job to keep it relevant - and keep it real.

We are very happy for specialist service providers and  merchant businesses to use their profile listings in the Guide to promote the important aspects of their business and what they can do for their customers. That is the purpose of the description and the “More Information” sections of the profile listings in the Guide.  We’re also very happy for other users and members of the Guide to add their recommendations and comments about any business listing based on their own experience of dealing with that business. AND, in keeping with our core values, we will do whatever we can to stop anybody using this Guide to publish anything that is untrue or in any way dishonest.

2. Respect

We are respectful. We respect merchant business owners for having the spirit, courage and commitment to own and run a business – and to try to make it work online. In the rapidly changing world of eCommerce, we know that running an online eCommerce business is not easy, despite how it may appear to those who have never done it.  Business owners have our respect, no matter how old or young, or how large or small the business.

We respect specialist eCommerce service providers for having the skills, dedication and desire to provide services to assist business owners do better online. We respect anyone who does help business owners to get better results.  And of course, many service providers are also business owners.

We respect those people who work for merchant businesses and for service providers. We love good teams. It’s usually a good ‘Team’ that gets good things done.

About ‘respect’… We always start with sincere respect, but we’re honest. We can lose respect for businesses and service providers who are fraudulent, dishonest, dodgey or misleading in their business activities or behavior.

3. Pro Business  

We are ‘pro-business’.   It can be tough trying to start, run and grow a business, especially in the Digital Age, where ongoing  ‘change’ is the norm.

Our purpose is to help businesses be more successful with eCommerce.  We want businesses to succeed.