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Too many Aussie businesses are not succeeding with eCommerce. Many struggle because they do not know what solutions are available, what solutions they need and who to turn to for the right advice. They buy the wrong things from the wrong service providers and waste their time, money and opportunities.

Improving the eCommerce success for a business is important to the business, its employees and many of its customers and suppliers. Smart businesses continually strive to be more productive, more efficient and to get better results. Smart eCommerce enables businesses to do more with less. As a nation, we need to get eCommerce more right, more often. To do this, we need to get smart. StreetSmart.

Our mission is to help Australian businesses succeed at eCommerce by becoming more streetsmart.


Using a proven planning framework, together with a web-based directory of tools, resources, reference guides and relevant eCommerce-related service providers, Aussie businesses can more easily find what they need and connect with experts who can help. This is called the Australian eCommerce Guide.

Like-minded specialists are coming together through the Guide. We believe that if a group of honest, straight-talking and experienced expert Service Providers in different areas of online business can openly share their expertise in a balanced and unbiased way, then business owners can learn essential Questions To Ask upfront – and can make better plans, smarter selection decisions and get better results.


The Australian eCommerce Guide includes

  • Resources & Tools for StreetSmart eCommerce;
  • a Directory of eCom-related Service Providers (in categories);
  • Reference Guides for eCommerce and
  • Access to Expert Panels of Specialists.

The Guide provides Questions To Ask (Q2A) in different areas of eCommerce. eCommerce Workshops, webinars, support groups and independent Business Advisory and Guidance Services are also offered through the Guide.


Australian eCommerce Guide is an AWIA Business MemberIndependent eCommerce specialist and digital business advisor, Richard Keeves is the founder and publisher of the Guide. Richard has 20 years’ experience in Internet Business and is the Chair of Judges for the Australian Web Awards (run by the Australian Web Industry Association).  Richard Keeves is the author of ‘Catching Digital’, and was the past President of WA Internet Association (2004-2008, 2012-2014). He is the founder and former managing director of online business consulting, web development and digital marketing specialists, the Internet Business Corporation Ltd (1995-2008).


Here’s More…

Better eCommerce is a vital part of the future for many Australian businesses. There’s plenty to know and plenty to do if your business is going to succeed online.

The Australian eCommerce Guide aims to CONNECT Aussie merchants who want to do better eCommerce WITH specialist eCom service providers who can help them. 

The Guide taps into the expertise of specialist eCommerce service providers and helps share expert tips, traps and tools with Aussie merchants.  And the Guide taps into the experiences of Aussie merchants and shares these with other merchants and with the service providers.

We can all learn from each other… and we can all learn to do better.  More Aussie merchants can be more successful selling in the online world. We hate seeing businesses struggle with eCommerce, get in trouble and fail, especially when it can be avoided. We want you to succeed!!

eCommerce is not just about managing online payments securely. It’s about strategy, planning, setting up shop, selling products & services and fulfilling the sale. It’s about encouraging repeat business and referrals. It’s about marketing and analytics and optimising conversions.  And more!  It’s doing Business. Online.

The Australian eCommerce Guide provides Aussie eCommerce info and guidance you can trust!

The Guide’s Directory

The Guide is set up as a Directory with listings of  specialist eCommerce Service Providers who want to help Aussie merchants. It also includes listings of some  Aussie Merchants who are ‘eCommerce-enabled’ to sell online. And the Guide includes listings of the best of the web when it comes to eCommerce.

The directory has listings in categories so you can scan through an appropriate category to find what is available for Aussie businesses to use for better eCommerce. (Google is great, but only if you know what you are looking for. With the Australian eCommerce Guide, you can find what you need, organised into categories.)

Aussie merchants can use the Guide to find and connect with Service Providers in different fields. You can find the eCommerce business tools you may need and learn how to use them properly.

You can provide  comments and recommendations about the various Service Providers and business tools you use that are listed in the Guide. It’s a feedback system to help everyone who uses the Guide.

Basic listings are free of charge. More detailed enhanced listings are available for a small charge.

The Guide’s Member Resources

You can learn and empower yourself with the eCommerce resources we are gathering and developing. Many of these are publicly available while others are provided just for Members of the Guide. There’s info for budding beginners and there’s plenty for established and advanced merchants as well.

Members can access special eCommerce learning resources, Guide sheets, Webinars (live and on-demand), Expert Advice sessions and more.

eCommerce Service Providers

eCommerce Service Providers are a big part of the Australian eCommerce Guide. Service Providers share their expertise and experiences in the Guide, helping merchants to fast-track what they need to get better results faster.

Service Providers can promote their products and services in the Guide. Service Providers can manage their own profile listings in the Guide and make sure the information is correct and up-to-date.

Service Providers are the ‘eCommerce- enablers’ and include digital agencies, marketers, web developers, shopping systems, payment processors and banks. Plus digital consultants, conversion optimisation specialists, eCommerce tool developers, etc.

Service Providers in the Guide may be invited to join our Expert Panels and take part in Expert Advice sessions and the webinars we run. We’re putting together special Guide Sheets to help fast-track merchants in important areas – and we welcome input from Service Providers to make these Guide Sheets as useful as possible.

The Guide helps Service Providers promote their business AND share their know-how, expertise and experiences with Aussie online merchants. Smart Service Providers know that educating existing and prospective customers is good for business!



The Guide’s TrustMark Seal for Members

The Guide’s TrustMark Seal for Members

Online Merchants  and the Service Providers who join as Members of the Guide have the right to place the Guide’s special TrustMark Seal badge on their own website.

The TrustMark Seal is for the exclusive use of  Members of the Australian eCommerce Guide. As a Member, the Seal can be added to one or more pages on your website and linked back to your own Member Profile information page about your business in the Guide.


The Guide’s Listing Badge

Rather than join as a member, some Merchants and Service Providers will simply want to list their business in the Guide with either a basic free listing or a Silver package listing. In this case they can use one of the Guide’s Listing Badges on their website.
australian-ecommerce-guide-listing-badge   australian-ecommerce-guide-listing-badge   australian-ecommerce-guide-listing-badge

It’s simple to add the Listing Badge to your website page and then hyperlink the Listing badge to the information page about your business in the Guide.

Trust Builders

The use of the Australian eCommerce Guide TrustMark Seal or Listing Badge helps your website visitors to quickly gain confidence in your business. If you link the Seal or the  Badge back to your Member’s page or  listing in the Guide, then your website visitors and customers can click on the link to learn more about your business from your information in the Guide.

Your visitors can add their comments about your business to the listing for your business. This can greatly enhance the trust and reliability other prospective customers can place in your business.

Please note, comments are moderated and subject to review and approval by the editorial staff of the Australian eCommerce Guide prior to the comment being made live online.

Trust is important in eCommerce, and using either the TrustMark Seal or the Listing Badge can become a very valuable trust-builder for your business to reinforce and add to its credibility, reliability and reputation.

This vital need to build trust applies to Service Providers just as much as to Online Merchants. What comments will your website visitors and customers want to make about your business? 

Making A Difference

At the Australian eCommerce Guide, we believe we can make a difference to how online business is being done in Australia.

Ignorance is NOT bliss, especially in the world of eCommerce. Knowledge may be power, but it needs to lead to better actions and better results.  We believe that smarter and better use of eCommerce by Australian businesses will be good for Australia – and for anyone anywhere in the world who buys from Aussie businesses online. 

“A rising tide lifts all ships….”

Now’s the time to get on board… You can become a Member of the Australian eCommerce Guide.  Or you can simply add your business to the Guide with a free listing or the enhanced Silver listing.

This Guide is published, managed and edited by Richard Keeves. Learn more about Richard and the rest of the Team here.

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